Monday - Haydn

Joseph Haydn

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Tuesday - Brahms
The notes and video for Tuesday's programme will be posted at midnight on Monday.
Wednesday - Mahler
The notes and video for Wednesday's programme will be posted at midnight on Tuesday.
Thursday - Schoenberg
The notes and video for Thursday's programme will be posted at midnight on Wednesday.
Friday - discussion day
We are so excited to host a group discussion on Zoom to include everybody who has followed this week's programme. Please bring questions and comments! Did any particular piece of music or art move you? Did you learn something new? Have you started to listen differently as a result?

Details on when and how to join will be posted here.
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How can I make the video bigger?
Good question. On the bottom right of the video, there is an icon that looks like 4 small arrows pointing outwards. If you click on it, the video will fill the space of whatever screen you're watching on.

I can't see the video! What is going wrong?
Every day at midnight, we will release the next day's video and it will appear on this page. If you can't see it, try refreshing or reloading your page. If it still doesn't work, please contact us at

I don't want to make an account to take part in the online discussion. Do I have to?
No, you do not! You can participate in the chat by creating a "guest" profile (just typing in a username of your choice). There's no need to create an account with our chat provider unless you want to.

Is there a test at the end of this course?
No. We have created this course as a way to engage new audiences in classical music, encourage people to listen more actively and to provide an interesting, thought-provoking path into music that (hopefully) isn't intimidating or inaccessible.

Will there be any more of these courses? 
Possibly! To be the first to hear about new programmes, sign up to our email newsletter.