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This was the third "episode" of Two Metres Apart, an hour (or so) of new writing, new voices in a new way.

The show was performed live on Zoom on the 1st of July 2020. In addition to paying all the artists, Greengage Ventures donated 20% of proceeds to charity Campaign To End Loneliness.

Tonight, Two Metres Apart offers three versions of reunion: in Madeline Hendricks' new play a reunion is not what was hoped for, Elgan Thomas' songs remind us that we've got through separations before and Jade Anouka's poems ask us to think about where we're heading: is our old normal where we want to go back to?

The host is Robin Clyfan. Two Metres Apart: episode 3 is Greengage's third collaboration with theatre director Stella Powell-Jones. Two Metres Apart is part of a series of performances being developed by Greengage for audiences watching online from home.

Critics said...

Two Metres Apart delivers entertainment, unity and a feeling of being able to come together in a space full of creativity, innovation, and power. And so, Anouka’s words resonate: ‘Be the problem that finds the truth’. ★★★★★ A Younger Theatre

Cole Miller Presents: How to Pitch a Movie Over Zoom.

Actress Emma is looking to level up her career so when celebrity Actor/Writer/Director Cole Miller asks her for a catch up over Zoom, well, this could be her big break, right?

This is a new short play by Madeline Hendricks (Jane the Virgin, one of six members in IAMA Theater Company’s “Under 30 Playwrights Lab.”). Featuring Vella Lovell (The Big Sick, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) and John Garet Stoker (Code Black, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend). Directed by Stella Powell-Jones.

HERSTORY and other poems.

Written and performed by Jade Anouka, poet, actor and playwright. Jade performs three of her poems: HERSTORY, Having to (Bi) and Eggs on Toast.

Jade gets at the heroic questions that live inside all of us - but she does it with the direct language and direct experience of our 2020 lives. Her poems invite the audience to see the epic in their personal experiences. 

HERSTORY was commissioned by Audible.

Reunited, a music set about reuniting with friends after a long absence.

Performed by Welsh tenor and English National Opera Harewood Artist Elgan Llŷr Thomas. Elgan's final song will be determined by live audience vote.

Elgan sings Salut! Demeure Chaste et Pure, from Faust by Gounod; Somewhere from West Side Story; Tra Bo Dau (Two Hearts Remain), a Welsh folk song.

Tra Bo Dau (Two Hearts Remain)

It was the runaway success of Tra Bo Dau that launched the revival of the Welsh folk scene at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

Mae’r hon a gâr fy nghalon i
Ymhell oddi yma’n byw,
A hiraeth am ei gweled hi
A’m gwnaeth yn llwyd fy lliw.

Cyfoeth nid yw ond oferedd,
Glendid, nid yw yn parhau,
Ond cariad pur sydd fel y dur
Yn para tra bo dau.

Mil harddach yw y deg ei llun
Na gwrid y wawr i mi,
A thrysor mwy yw serch fy mun,
Na chyfoeth byd a’i fri.

O’r dewis hardd ddewisais i
Oedd dewis lodes lân
A chyn bydd `difar gennyf fi
O rhewi wnaiff y tân.

Os claf o serch yw `nghalon i,
Gobeithio’i bod hi’n iach!
Rwy’n caru’r tir lle cerddo hi
Dan wraidd fy nghalon fach.

English translation

She whom my heart loves
Lives far from here,
And longing to see her
Is making me grey.

Wealth is only vanity,
Splendour does not last,
But true love, which is like steel,
Lasts while there are two.

To me she is a thousand times more beautiful
Than the blush of dawn,
Her love a greater treasure
Than the wealth and prestige of the world

From the choice of beauty
I chose a fair lady
And fire will freeze
Before I regret my choice

Even if my heart is love-sick
I hope she is well!
I love the ground she walks on
From the bottom of my heart.

About the artists

Vella Lovell

Vella Lovell

Vella Lovell is an American actress best known for playing Heather Davis in the comedy-drama series Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW) and Khadija in The Big Sick (Lionsgate & Amazon Studios) and Alison S. in Dollface (Hulu). Vella is also the voice of Mermista in the animated Netflix series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power (2020 Critics’ Choice Nominee – Best Animated Series). Theatre credits include Joshua Harmon’s Significant Other and Jen Silverman’s Witch (Geffen Playhouse). Vella has featured in 2020’s 24 Hour Viral Monologues and 2019’s 24 Hour Plays.
John Garet Stoker

John Garet Stoker

John Garet Stoker is an actor, known for his roles in TV dramas Eye Candy (2015), Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) and Code Black (2015). He made his West Coast stage debut in Josh Harmon’s Significant Other at the Geffen Playhouse.
Jade Anouka

Jade Anouka

Jade Anouka is an English actress, poet and playwright. Jade can currently be seen on Netflix playing Tommi opposite Idris Elba in his 8-part series Turn Up Charlie. Jade starred in the Old Vic two-hander Cover My Tracks, and recently returned to the Hampstead Theatre for the remount of Ella Road's The Phlebotomist. Jade starred in the Donmar Warehouse all-female Shakespeare Trilogy, directed by Phyllida Lloyd - Ian Charleson Commendation for her performance in Julius Caesar. Jade’s first collection of poems is titled, “Eggs on Toast”. Jade recently gave a Ted Talk on the subject of 'Being Black, being a Woman, being 'Other'.
Elgan Llŷr Thomas

Elgan Llŷr Thomas

Elgan Llŷr Thomas is a Welsh tenor. He is an English National Opera Harewood Artist, and previous winner of the prestigious Urdd National Eisteddfod Bryn Terfel Scholarship. He has performed all over the world in operas and as a soloist: at the ENO’s Coliseum, Aldeburgh Festival, Opéra National de Bordeaux, Xi’an Symphony Orchestra in China and the Adelaide Festival in Australia.
Robin Clyfan

Robin Clyfan

Robin Clyfan is a comedian and host. He has performed on stages that range from the Tate Modern, the Barbican's ear popping music hall and to Glastonbury. In 2018 he debuted in Edinburgh with his first solo show, The Sea Is Big Enough To Take It (★★★★ The Scotsman). He is a host of The Moth - True Stories Told Live, The New Scientist Live and the Shoreditch paw pageant - a fashion show for dogs. As heard on Radio4/Radio 6 music and seen on BBC Three.

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