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Greengage is reimagining music and theatre for a digital world.

We are a production company and a platform. We push the creative boundaries of digital performances, support artists and make brilliant music and theatre more accessible than ever before.

You can watch our shows on a big screen, smart TV, computer, tablet or phone.
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Never 'just a livestream' or 'just a recording'.

We believe digital performances should be a lot more than a pale imitation of 'the real thing'.

We seek to uncover creative opportunities that don't exist in physical venues or with solely in-person audiences. We believe digital should add meaningfully to the art and the audience experience.

To do this, we bring together artistic, production and technical teams using high definition video, sound engineering, livestreaming technologies and editing techniques.

Our shows are varied, and both live and recorded

We collaborate with brilliant, diverse artists spanning multiple art-forms and genres (sometimes all at once!) and always pay them.

Our production teams come from equally varied backgrounds and we encourage them to bring these influences to our productions.

We have a range of artistic collaborators: theatre directors, orchestral conductors, writers, actors and musicians. We produce both live and recorded productions.

We create financially sustainable paid work for artists


tickets sold in...


...countries around the world


artists paid
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Nobody should miss out on brilliant music and theatre

saved my soul during lockdown
Online shows got a lot of attention during COVID-19 lockdowns. But there are always reasons people can't go to a physical venue.

The internet helps a lot. The other challenge is often price.

We invite you to pay what you want for your ticket or tickets. If you enjoy the show, it's easy to donate to express your gratitude to the artists. If you can't give any more this time, that's also fine!

Ready to be part of the digital audience?

It's easy to join Greengage for an online show.

Here's what to do:

1. Browse our shows
2. Purchase a ticket or register to be notified when tickets go on sale. You'll receive an email confirmation.
3. Visit our virtual performance space via the link and password you'll receive by email.
4. Enjoy the show!
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Critics said...

Two Metres Apart delivers entertainment, unity and a feeling of being able to come together in a space full of creativity, innovation, and power. And so, Anouka’s words resonate: ‘Be the problem that finds the truth’. ★★★★★ A Younger Theatre (3 July 2020)
The worldwide web has been swarming with filmed online concerts since lockdown began, but none that I’ve seen so far has tried to use the video medium in a creative way—until the preview of The Goldberg Variations: Meditations on Solitude. ★★★★ The Telegraph (28 May 2020)
Two Metres Apart is a wonderful example of how we can come together to create art, regardless of how far we actually are apart. [...] Giving the performing arts its voice back. ★★★★ A Younger Theatre (24 April 2020)

Greengage productions have also been featured in The Guardian's weekly "Lockdown listening: classical music and opera to stream at home," Apollo Magazine's weekly picks of digital projects providing virtual access to art and culture, and International Arts Manager.

Our audiences said...

Wonderful and inspirational. You’ve SO lifted my spirits!
It was brilliant and I would attend another Greengage show.
Didn’t want it to end. Thanks to everyone.

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